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Not all trophies has to be serious!

Of course, we definitely primarily use trophies to celebrate people’s achievements…


The Rising of Funny Trophies As A Trend

Recently we’ve seen a new trend of people embracing funny trophies as an award!

Funny trophies are definitely a great way to encourage people to celebrate both winners and losers in a funny lighthearted matter.

Because funny trophies are so cool and innovative that… we’ve compiled a few of these funny trophies to let you take a look.


Below is a post from K2 Awards showcasing a few trophies that we found hilarious 😛

Last Place Toilet Insert Trophy

Laugh with your last place contestant with our last place toilet trophy. Our toilet insert trophy is perfect for many different humorous situations! This insert trophy allows you to pick the picture featured on the resin toilet trophy. While we allow you to add any of our inserts from our selection, some of the most popular inserts for this trophy include our Last Place insert, Fantasy Football insert, or Beer Pong insert. This trophy is perfect for tournaments hosted by friends!

Office Trophies

Host your own Dundie Awards in your office when you order custom office trophies. Our office trophies are our version of the Dundie Awards featured in the show The Office. The best part of these trophies is that they come with free unlimited customization. Each of these office trophies come with a plate that you can personalize as you desire! Make Michael Scott proud and completely customize your awards. Your employees or coworkers will love these funny trophies and will be sure to place them on their desk.

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I just absolutely love these 2 trophies!

They provide a cool flavor than just the usual corporate awards that we usually provide as a trophy supplier in Malaysia

Beyond that, we’ve seen a hilarious compilation of the unique trophies from other suppliers too.


Quick Video Compilation of Hilarious Trophies

Below you’ll see a video from which showcases the range of funny trophies that they supply to their clients and customers!

Additionally the description says…

If you’re looking for a way to make an honoree smile, enjoy a good-natured gag, or present tongue-in-cheek recognition as part of a corporate or personal gesture, funny custom trophies are a sure way to earn a laugh while also letting someone know they’re special. These awards look as stylish as conventional trophies and award statues, but they feature extra humorous design elements, like silly topping figures and lots of possibilities for bestowing a recipient with a funny or silly title, along with incorporation of your logo and other digital artwork. While trophies and statues are a classic form of award, funny custom medallions, plaques. and ribbons can be modified to have a humorous effect. Depending on the product and style, features like engraved plates, photo frames, and high-quality printing can be incorporated into your award with funny images and text of your choice. No matter what type of award you select to amuse and honor the recipient, you want to make sure they’re made from high-quality materials so they will look attractive and serve as a fond reminder of facetious or joking honors. Finding the right trophy and awards source can help to ensure this and give you access to competitive pricing, an ample inventory, and fast turnaround.

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Final Verdict?

Whether you like these or not – it’s something that’s definitely trending upwards.

More and more people are buying these funny trophies and it’s a semi prank-like award.

The demand rises every single day!


Personally, as a trophy supplier, I find this trend very interesting and definitely it has a time and place.

You can get some of these trophies at our website here

Check our own selection of funny trophies!

… Until next time 🙂

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