in Acrylic Trophy by Eddy Bo
Acrylic awards are all the hype and excitement in the trophies and awards industry.
This is because acrylic awards and trophies are among the most cost-effective selections. Aside from being cost-effective, the acrylic awards recently are getting more and more innovative.

If you’re wondering what an acrylic trophy is…

Here’s a video to quickly explain what it means:

There are thousands of unique designs and new generation acrylic trophies as well.
This makes acrylic trophies a very attractive option for lots of people looking to give trophies and awards to their people.

Today we’ll look at a few different selections of acrylics to get a better idea of the trophy and awards industry and how the acrylic material is rising in demand every single day.


Acrylic awards selection in the US

Below is a quick snapshot of an American trophy supplier

Stylish acrylic awards that deliver your message with excellence. Thinking of custom shapes? We can quickly design and produce custom awards from top quality materials to meet your budget. Let our recognition experts help. We offer free rush service and on time delivery anywhere in the USA!

Isn’t the wide selection of acrylic awards impressive?

There are plenty of custom awards, star awards, white glass, paperweights, all available in the acrylic material. It’s cost-effective and cheap. It’s no wonder that acrylic trophies are taking over the trophy market rapidly!


The vast selection of Acrylic Awards

Here’s another trophy supplier called TrophyDepot which showcases a massive selection of acrylic awards as well.

Full website at

In conclusion, acrylic awards and trophies are getting more and more popular and in demand, and I’m guessing you’ll love these acrylics for yourself as well. 🙂

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