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Personalized, Customized Corporate Gifts – Designed Specially For You.

All our Corporate Gifts listed on the website and our catalogue are fully customizable and you can personalize it to pretty much any style you desire. This is where you can get your custom Corporate Gifts and awards! We provide design service absolutely free of charge as well. We have our own expert designers ready to create the perfect Corporate Gift for your needs. Whatever design is only limited to your imagination!

No Minimum Order

For Corporate Companies & Individuals Too

We take orders for pretty much any order quantity. That means if you only require 1-10 units of Corporate Gifts we are able to fulfill that as well. However, it goes without saying that – the more Corporate Gifts you order, the more attractive the price of the Corporate Gifts becomes. Wholesale prices are available directly from the Corporate Gift manufacturers. We are the leading Corporate Gift maker with affordable prices. If you’re looking for cheap Corporate Gifts at our Corporate Gift shop, just head over to our online shop to check out our Corporate Gift supplies.

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Our instant live chat and remarkable customer support & service is what we pride ourselves as a Corporate Gift supplier. We understand that selecting a Corporate Gift can quickly become a headache when there are thousands and thousands of products to select from. That’s why when we communicate with our clients, we’re quickly shortlist to the 3-5 Corporate Gifts based on the budget, type of Corporate Gift, and design specifications. Then we come up with a hyper-personalized catalogue to suit our clients’ needs.

Who Has OnlyOneMY Supplied Corporate Gifts To?

We’ve supplied Corporate Gifts, awards, and corporate door gifts for a wide range of clients ranging from individuals to large corporate brands.

Below are a few brands that we’ve worked with:

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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing A Corporate Gift Supplier

“What are some of the things to consider when selecting a Corporate Gift supplier in Malaysia?”

Factor #1: The Quality of The Awards & Corporate Gifts

It goes without saying that quality is among the most important factors that all Corporate Gift suppliers take into account. Almost all Corporate Gift suppliers have to go through a quality-check for standards before approving the awards. It’s not just the look and feel of the Corporate Gift itself, but the material that’s used to create the Corporate Gift has to undergo a grade check as well. As a Corporate Gift supplier, we assure the quality of our Corporate Gifts.

Beyond that, it’s about having the knowledge and know-how to choose the material. Of course, it’s largely based on the budget our clients have set for each individual order. An acrylic Corporate Gift or a crystal award might have drastic difference in quality – solely because they’re built using two different materials.

Factor #2: Customization & Engraving Skills of Your Corporate Gift Supplier

This is where the customization and personalization comes in.

Engraving is part of the process where the name of the person or the company logo is being put into the Corporate Gift.

The engraving process is a high-skilled task that requires large attention to detail. Each Corporate Gift supplier differs in their ability in the engraving process.

Therefore, it’s highly important to go with a reliable Corporate Gift supplier who has the skills and know-how in engraving your Corporate Gifts.


Factor #3: Reliability of Your Corporate Gift Supplier

It’s a nightmare when your event is just around the corner, and your Corporate Gift supplier tells you that “We still need a few more days!”

Of course this is highly unacceptable, but reality tells us that this is simply part and parcel of what goes on in the industry of corporate awards and Corporate Gifts. This presents a serious problem of reliability and you definitely do not want to be working with a Corporate Gift supplier who’s fickle and takes their word for granted. It directly affects the reputation of client’s organization for not being able to present a Corporate Gift or award on the day itself to the awardees. So it’s of utmost importance to make sure that the time of delivery is both speedy and punctual. Based on your experience, you might have noticed that several Corporate Gift suppliers make big claims on delivery time and fall short on these promises.

Factor #4: Your Budget

Finally, each event comes with their own budget and following that comes with the budget of getting corporate awards.

Depending on the Corporate Gift or award selected, the price of the Corporate Gift might go anywhere from RM30 per piece or even RM300 per piece.

Ultimately, it all comes down to budgeting and selection. We have to strike a balance of affordability and quality as well.

Corporate Gifts and awards are something that represents the company image, and can actually pay for itself in dividends if done correctly.

Therefore, it’s often better to work with a healthy budget instead of trying to get the cheapest Corporate Gift possible.

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Let our experienced team help you with the Corporate Gift selection & design process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Corporate Gifts Does OnlyOneMY Supply?

Here’s a list of the wide range of types and styles of Corporate Gifts we supply for our clients:

Types: Acrylic, CrystalPewter, Plastic, Glass, Metal, Corporate Gifts, Corporate Gifts, Wood Frame, Corporate Gift Base, Corporate Gift Cups

Designs: Golf, Oscar, Corporate Awards

Others: Keychains, T-Shirt, Corporate Gifts, Corporate Gifts, Door Gifts, Corporate Gifts, Cenderahati, Cenderamata, Button Badge, Name Tag, Cups

Every single Corporate Gift is personalized and customized to suit the demands of each of our clients. To put it simply, we supply ALL KINDS of Corporate Gifts!

Why Is It Important To Select Your Corporate Gifts Carefully?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small event or a big event. No matter what the occasion is – Corporate Gifts are a fantastic way to motivate & drive your people, staff, students, and participants to keep up their performance and maintain a healthy competition within the organization.

The people winning the Corporate Gifts or awards are be proud of what they earned – and it signifies to them that they can achieve big things in life, shows them that their hard work paid off, reinforces that they can do even better the next time round. Hence, the Corporate Gifts given must be of quality, simply because it’s something that means a lot to people, and it’s extremely significant for the person who just won the prize!


Our Responsibility As The #1 Malaysian Corporate Gift Supplier

As a Corporate Gift supplier, we definitely understand the needs of both our clients AND the people our clients serve as well. We pay stringent attention to the quality of our Corporate Gifts – especially during each order of our clients! The sole reason being – this is something SO important for our clients that we do not want to compromise on quality or a sloppy design. We can’t afford to make a single mistake!

As an organization, you definitely do not want to leave a bad image or reputation behind your people and your marketplace. Worse, if the Corporate Gifts or awards given are just average or below average – the participants might feel like they got cheated. I mean… Who would like to associate their own organization, company or brand with something that looks sub-par?

Here’s How Bad Corporate Gift Selection Can Destroy Your Organization’s Brand.

The quality and the design are two factors that are extremely important in our decision making process when selecting a Corporate Gifts for our clients. There are a lot of awards and Corporate Gifts that are available in which you can choose from in the marketplace these days. There’s just so many different Corporate Gifts to choose from and so many different Corporate Gift suppliers to choose from. Most importantly, each award and each Corporate Gift that you bring to your company can make or break your company. The Corporate Gift represents who you are and what your organisation is about. It’s a showcase of the brand, a showcase of who you guys are – so it’s extremely important to select something that fits perfectly with that.

Getting An ROI From Buying Corporate Gifts…?

It’s pretty easy to choose a Corporate Gift during obvious occasions. For example if it’s a golfer, then he or she would be delighted to receive a Corporate Gift with a golf club or a golf ball. It’s pretty similar in any other sporting event, school sports team, local sports club or for music related Corporate Gifts as well.

However, when it comes to corporate awards, it might come as a challenge and struggle to think about what’s the most appropriate Corporate Gift to award to our people. How do I reward and recognize the guy with the top sales? How about recognizing a boss who has treated his/her employees well? Now it might become a little tricky – but worry not!

Simply because, in our new generation of Corporate Gifts we have been able to customize and style each Corporate Gift to your exact requirements. Even in cases like these, individual achievements can be awarded appropriately.

These days, organizations can take advantage of the flexibility in customization of Corporate Gifts from a great Corporate Gift supplier. Having a huge variety of Corporate Gifts to select from is great! However, it presents a new problem of having to select from a massive list of Corporate Gifts. Worst of all, we find many of our prospective clients scratching their heads and pulling their hair – figuring out what the right selection is… when this shouldn’t even be a problem in the first place!

Now you’re probably wondering this – what makes a great Corporate Gift anyway? Is it really that complicated? The short answer is YES! Of course if you don’t mind just spending mindlessly for the “highest quality”, then Corporate Gift selection could be an easy task. However, as a strategic company decision, we’d all love to have the best ROI for each of our decisions. It’s no different from Corporate Gift selection. Yes, selecting the right Corporate Gift and award DOES make a massive difference, and can realistically present your organization a significant return on investment or value for money.

Save Time. Save Money.

Let our experienced team help you with the Corporate Gift selection & design process.


3 Tips for the Perfect Award For Your Organization.

These 3 factors would ensure you have the perfect Corporate Gift for your organization.

Pride & Recognition

All humans love to be recognized.

We all know that rewarding people is all about recognizing their effort and results. It’s about making them feel great about what they’ve done, and as a bonus, they create more results for the organization too. Many would have healthy competition with each other, just to be able to get the Corporate Gift! Therefore, we often recommend to go with quality instead of trying to cut costs. Not only does quality Corporate Gifts create an extremely rewarding work environment, it also presents a significant return on investment.

Consistency with Brand

Tricky, but essential.

Knowing about this factor of consistency with the brand, helps any organization quickly narrow down the decision as to which Corporate Gift to select.

Does your brand represent fun, or does it require a bit more seriousness? The Corporate Gift selected should carefully the company’s brand. Otherwise, it might create an unexpected result, it might damage your people’s pride of associating with the brand – and lead into bad reputation and negative future performance!

Personalized to Awardee

… Because the world is gonna see it.

For many people, the Corporate Gifts are going to be proudly displayed in their homes or office desk for their friends, family and colleagues to see. And don’t forget, your brand is on the Corporate Gift! Therefore, the Corporate Gift should definitely reflect how you want your brand to show up to not just your people, but the public as well. Our favorite way to do this is having something that really captures the essence of the awardees unique interests and skill-set. For example, if the awardee loves playing the piano – there are customization options available to recognize their performance AND include some element of what they love as well.

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